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Welcome to Sunshine School!


Early years at the Sunshine School are very important for child's development. Some of these activities include: Critical Thinking, which lets the child learn on his own method of performing a skill and finishing it without the teacher's guidance. This enables the child to build his/her self-esteem. For younger children excersizes in strengthen their small muscle in preparation for writing and coloring.



The Vision of Sunshine School is to be recognized as a centre of educational excellence, providing a strong academic foundation for the intellectual development of our children to be lifelong learners under the Islamic principles.


Our mission is: 

  • To prepare children to become self-reliant, strong individuals.

  • To educate the hearts and minds of children in both virtue and truth.

  • To teach them to grow intellectually with social and emotional maturity.

  • To provide quality, holistic education in an academic, spiritual, physical and social sphere.

  • To work with parents to discover their child's strength and encourage their child to realize their full potential

  • To enhance learning by identifying each child's learning style and creating a conducive fun-filled and joyous learning environment.

  • To promote in our students respect for themselves and for other cultures to remind them that we all share the same plant.

  • To inspire our program by the International Resources.





3rd May 2011 :"We've become part of a huge, worldwide family of schools all focused on great learning." SunShine School has been approved as a candidate for accreditation with NCA CAS




Rights & Responsibilities


We have the Right to be treated with Respect

We have the Responsibility to encourage others, be helpful and take care of our property


We have the Right to be listened to.

We have the Responsibility to be active listeners and not interrupt when others are talking.


We have the Right to learn.

We have theResponsibility to study, not distract others from learning, and try our best.


We have the Right to be safe.

We have the Responsibility to be kind, polite, fair, honest, and helpful to our classmates and others in the school.


We have the Right to make friends.